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Date:  ______________________


The management responsible for maintaining the dwelling located at the address given below hereby guarantees to repair any defects discovered in the dwelling which are hazardous to life, health, or safety within ________ (hours/days) following notification by the tenants who occupy the dwelling.  Tenants' notice may be either written or verbal, but it must be acknowledged in writing by someone who the management has authorized to accept such a notices.


Should management fail to repair the defects, either temporarily or permanently, within ________ (hours/days), tenants shall be relieved of the responsibility of paying rent for every day or portion thereof during which the defects go unrepaired following the initial ________ (hours/days) period allotted for completing the work in a timely manner.  Tenants' responsibility for paying rent shall begin again once the defects have been repaired.


To receive the benefit of any rent abatement owed to them under this guarantee, tenants must be current in their rent payments and must pay their next rent in full when due.  Whatever rent abatement is owed will then be paid in the form of a rebate within ______ hours following receipt of their rent payment.


This guarantee only applies to those defects which are the responsibility of management to maintain as mandated by law and/or outlined in the applicable lease or rental agreement.


This guarantee does not apply when a portion of the dwelling becomes uninhabitable as a result of flooding, fire, earthquake, or an act of God, and the tenants choose to remain in residence during reconstruction.  In such cases, the management and tenants will negotiate a fair rent covering the reconstruction period.

This guarantee shall remain in effect so long as there is a valid lease or rental agreement between the parties below covering the dwelling located at _________________________ ______________________ (Address).



Tenant:  ______________________________


Owner/Manager:  ______________________________






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