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Date:  ________________________


To:  _________________________




Reference is made to our guaranty dated ___________ (month & day), ___ (year) issued to you by the undersigned guaranteeing the continued credit of ____________

___________ (Obligor).


Please be advised that effective upon receipt of this letter of guaranty (or such effective date as provided under the guaranty), the undersigned shall not be obligated under the guaranty for any future or further credit extended by you to the Obligor.  We understand that we shall remain liable for the present balance until paid.


We would appreciate confirmation of the present balance owed and would further appreciate notification when said balance has been fully paid.


Please confirm to us in writing receipt and acknowledgment of this guaranty revocation by return acknowledgment below.



Signature:  __________________________________________


Acknowledged:  ______________________________________


Effective Date:  ______________________________________

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